Artist Bio


Architect and Artist whose creative career is defined by blending boundaries between ARTARCHITECTURE.

Experimenting with fabrication techniques and MATERIALS as instruments to question the faceted nature of spatial languages, while researching geometrical ABSTRACTION and iconographical gestures among objects and culture.

Practising independently while working for international architectural firms such as the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genova, Zaha Hadid Architects and the London office of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

His architectural and design approach experiments with fabrication techniques and figurative instances to question the faceted nature of SPATIAL LANGUAGES while researching geometrical abstraction and iconographical gestures among objects and culture. He uses design as a medium to unveil a contextual yet critical and personal language.

The Sculptural result of his latest collection emphasizes the friction and contradiction between a “natural” stone as an allusion to ancient ruins, clashing with a shiny-polished resin, as the depiction of the “fake” contaminated POPULAR CULTURE, strengthening the crossroads between heritage/modern & craft/digital. Hitched by a bold critique towards the current society and the everyday indigestion of images and pop iconographies.

THE FRAGMENTED COLLECTION has been exhibited at International Venues:


  • Royal Cambrian Academy of art 2022, Conwy
  • Seoul Biennale 2021, Seoul
  • CICA Museum, Circle Exhibition 2021, Seoul
  • Isola Design, Milan Design Week 2021, Milan
  • Future is Now, Al-Tiba9 Gallery 2021, Barcelona
  • Venice Contemporary 2021, Venice
  • FangArte Exhibition 2021, Turin
  • Mextropoli 2020/2022, Mexico City
  • Tamayouz International Award 2019, Amman
  • Renzo Piano Building Workshop Fellowship 2018, Genova